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We manufacture for PE, PP, & PET.

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Abdul Ghafoor Industries - AGI

Abdul Ghafoor Industries is committed to providing you with every day colors used in different application including PE, PP, PET and other plastic material that are designed to meet even your most challenging applications requirements.

Abdul Ghafoor Industries adheres to processes and procedures within our facilities that are on the leading edge of industry sustainability practices.

Our products


Various colorful options, gorgeous color masterbatch series brings infinite vitality to your products. Accurate color matching service brings brilliant color solution to let you have no worry about customized products. AGI can provide you with high quality color matching services.


AGI manufactures white masterbatch series of high loading, good dispersion based on lean production, so as to make sure the masterbatch compatable with polymer base and achieve uniform tinting power and reduce the pollution of the environment.


Machines may inevitably generates some wear in the plastic processing, AGI’s Additive masterbatch series help to improve the smoothness of machines during processing, then to improve productivity and protect the machines indirectly.


Highly automated workshops, non-manual raw materials transmission, mechanized & accurate production process operation, automated product packaging way, in order to provide every masterbatch pellet with the most solid quality. AGI implements mass scale production.

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Abdul Ghafoor Industries offers wide range of colors as per Customer requirements which inculdes PE, PET, PP


Give your packaging a powerful shelf presence and add value to your brand by utilizing our leading-edge graphics and printing technology!


Give your packaging a innovative shelf presence and add value to your brand by utilizing our leading-edge graphics and printing technology!


Embrace the latest technology and innovation for a dynamic package that will showcase your product and increase sales!

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